Richie Roberto Fashions Men's Unconventional & uniquely designed BackPacks

We Can Be The Difference BLACK AMERICA Needs, So contact me

Sharing Is Caring! But Will U Show Your Love 4 Humanity as whole No Matter Their Race / Sexuality ?

I love to hear from people.   I just ask that you be RESPECTFUL!   Unless!! You Are Enraged like BLACKS & OTHERS By How They Treat

 The Many Shades Of BROWN HUMAN BEING! In USA Our Country!  

YES, People STOLEN! and Forced into SLAVERY! like my Ancestors and so many other Thousands  + From AFRICA OUR MOTHER LAND then having them Create Babies who too will become SLAVES Once In America. 

FACT  FREE AMERICANS YES! We Are NOW EQUAL Regardless of your thoughts if  you think Otherwise Here In 2018

The Uneducated Brotha

Columbus, Ohio, United States



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