Richie Roberto Fashions Men's Unconventional & uniquely designed BackPacks

Illiteracy isn't a LOOK So Ur deceived as you judge the cover of this book!

I Stand Proud as a Black Man born in the 80's Speaking from a Special Educations STAND POINT Uniquely with a Creative Mind.

Power path to education and employment Or lack there of

Basic individual report prepared for Robert Blair j

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There is a science to helping literate Uneducated Black / Brown Men Within The USA But Who Cares? I am just uneducated Black Man trying to create change with no help!

Come Discover my imagination and the things that I've visually created 2 encourage & motivate others

Change starts with the conversation On creating resources.  Yes, I believe we can start with ideas that can create the changes Needed for African American suffering  learning disabilities Or just a literate.

Come join the Discover of my imagination.   I've created  Tangible products and services with my creative mind In hopes of Supporting myself   Regardless of my intellectual challenges Academically.  I always felt a need to encourage & motivate others  if they wanted it are not.   But to also help two encourage & motivate others the way I wish someone was there to help me with my Challenges.   I love humanity I love all human beings most importantly I love my people The  African American Race!  

I never recognize discrimination as a kid in school.  it wasn't till they showed those videos in school of slavery & when the black kids was going to the white school for integration. I was in classrooms with kids of different races and I never knew anything any different besides we were all different colors.   

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Men's FASHION is about being Visually Unique


Hey there! DoesYour presence get people's attention soon as you walk into a room?  Does people feel the need to give you compliments about your STYLE?   

I don't think It's about your Tags / Labels!  But it is about how you put everything together.   I can help you step out of your norm and become fashionable.   

The public seems to  Appreciate how I put things together I know what am doing now let me do what I do for you!!!!   This woman gave me a compliment as we were walking towards each other,  She said!  The way you're dressed you look like someone Famous are you? I Smiled Said awe thank you!  That's  FASHION!  Compliments and neck turning.